Christmas Home Tour 2015

Welcome 😀 .



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I love Christmas. I’m one of those people who starts counting down to it two months in advance. I  secretly enjoy it when stores bring out their Christmas stuff far in advance (don’t judge me 😛 ) . I don’t think I can ever have too many Christmas decorations and I already foresee my attic being stuffed to the gills with holiday decor 🙂 .

This year we didn’t want to throw a big party but instead just invite a few friends over for an intimate but fancy, sit-down dinner party. The theme for the food was Indian-fusion (of course 🙂 ) . I’ll post the food menu and recipes in a separate blog post.

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I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decor. Maybe because it reminds me of my childhood. My mother always made Christmas so magical and to me that magic is red, green and gold 🙂 . To me Christmas isn’t Christmas without SOME red SOMEWHERE.  However, I found myself LOVING the gold/white/silver/multi-colored decorations I saw in all the stores and decided to decorate each room in my house with a different color theme.  This is our formal dining room. I kept it pretty minimalist here with green being the dominant color. Lots of natural elements – wood and evergreens. I also brought in white, gold and specks of silver.


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You won’t believe this, but I bought my gold flatware, vintage champagne glasses and that gorgeous wooden wine rack from the peddlers mall in a small Kentucky town! The wine rack was only $5. Score!



I love my colorful little morning room 🙂 . The tiny tree and baubles are just so adorable 🙂 !




House Tour – the morning room


I love our morning room.  As soon as I knew we were getting one when we decided to build our house I immediately decided that it was not going to be a breakfast nook just yet.  We don’t have kids so I figured our large island would be good enough for J and I to eat on for now.  I also immediately decided that I HAD to have a hanging chair 🙂 . No arguments here – I just had to 😛 .


Fabric is something that brings out the child in me. I think I can spend all day looking at beautiful textiles.  Since I was raised in India, I have a weakness for ethnic motifs and design.  However, I am also equally attracted to western, contemporary design so my style is an eclectic mix of both.  The important thing about style is that it makes YOU happy. I had to remind myself when I began work on my home’s interior design that all that mattered was that J and I loved it.  Let your true style speak through the way you design your home – it’s a space that truly reflects your personality.  🙂

The hanging chair is from Pier 1 Imports. I cannot get enough of it 🙂 ! It reminds me of India. This whole room was inspired by my homeland.  It’s far from complete but I just moved to this house a few months ago so I think that’s A-OK 🙂 .


The cushion fabric is from India and the colorful shawl on the bench is actually a tribal shawl from South Africa! I absolutely love it!