House Tour – the morning room


I love our morning room.  As soon as I knew we were getting one when we decided to build our house I immediately decided that it was not going to be a breakfast nook just yet.  We don’t have kids so I figured our large island would be good enough for J and I to eat on for now.  I also immediately decided that I HAD to have a hanging chair 🙂 . No arguments here – I just had to 😛 .


Fabric is something that brings out the child in me. I think I can spend all day looking at beautiful textiles.  Since I was raised in India, I have a weakness for ethnic motifs and design.  However, I am also equally attracted to western, contemporary design so my style is an eclectic mix of both.  The important thing about style is that it makes YOU happy. I had to remind myself when I began work on my home’s interior design that all that mattered was that J and I loved it.  Let your true style speak through the way you design your home – it’s a space that truly reflects your personality.  🙂

The hanging chair is from Pier 1 Imports. I cannot get enough of it 🙂 ! It reminds me of India. This whole room was inspired by my homeland.  It’s far from complete but I just moved to this house a few months ago so I think that’s A-OK 🙂 .


The cushion fabric is from India and the colorful shawl on the bench is actually a tribal shawl from South Africa! I absolutely love it!